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When purchasing a home at what point should you contact your Long island real estate lawyers? There are many things potential buyers need to consider when they are ready to invest in Long Island, NY real estate.  For one thing, they have to consider whether this purchase will interfere with their current lifestyle because of the high … Continued

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What happens if you cannot pay your mortgage payment

  What happens if you cannot pay your mortgage payment ? One of the scariest things that many homeowners have to face is the possibility of foreclosure. Facing the prospect of not being able to pay your mortgage, and the possibility of losing your home, can be a discouraging blow for any family to bear. Changes to … Continued

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ASK STEVE – Why did my insurance company say no?

Q: What are the most common reasons why an insurance company would deny a property damage insurance claim?   A: Insurance companies deny property damage insurance claims for a variety of reasons. Some policies only cover certain types of losses. These are called named peril policies. For example, basic named peril policies may not cover … Continued

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Why is a mortgage contingency recommended when buying a home?

Thinking back to a time in the early-mid 2000s credit was EASY to obtain, cash was flying around  and it was common for homebuyers to skip mortgage contingencies. The crash of 2008 famously led to a flurry of lawsuits during the economic downturn, when buyers found they could no longer finance apartments they’d signed contracts to … Continued

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Matta v. Cambridge

  Service Area: Property Damage  After a denial of his homeowner’s insurance claim for damage to his foundation caused by the ruptured sewer line of the adjacent property, lawyers at Greenblatt Agulnick commenced a lawsuit against the insurance carrier for breach of contract and the adjacent property owner for negligence in failing to timely repair the … Continued

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17 Million dollar lawsuit over explosion in East Village NYC

After a long year and the substantive investigations coming to a close, we are pleased the we are one step closer to our clients having their day in court.  Our client’s have lost their homes, belongings, beloved pets, and have endured significant financial hardships over the past year. We believe that the lawsuit reflects all … Continued

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When discussing the concept of insurance broker negligence and failure to procure insurance in New York, the discussion usually starts with talks of visiting a doctor or lawyer. When we go to the doctor, we hop onto the table with the understanding and hope that the doctor will examine us and tell us what we … Continued

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