We specialize in insurance claims and coverage. If you have grown frustrated with trying to get a legitimate insurance claim paid by your insurance company or have received notice that your insurance claim has been denied, filing a lawsuit may be your only option. Too many insurance companies seem to have an unwritten rule that if they keep saying no to policyholders and simply deny the claim, the claim will eventually go away. This is not why you pay premiums. Insurance companies that deal in bad-faith must be shown that the law is on the side of the policyholder. Do not give up on an insurance claim before speaking with an experienced insurance litigation lawyer at Greenblatt Agulnick.

Bad Faith Insurance

The insurance industry in New York is supervised by the New York State Insurance Department to ensure that insurance companies and underwriters act in good faith with their policy holders. If you have had a claim denied, or have been denied insurance coverage, your insurance company may be dealing in bad faith.

After you submit a claim, your insurance company may be entitled to examine you under oath. This process involves intensive questioning regarding your claim. The insurance company may also demand to see utility bills, property titles and other documents as part of their investigation. If you receive a demand for an EUO from your insurance company, it is highly advisable to retain the services of an experienced lawyer to protect your best interests.

Smoke or “puffback” claims can be extremely costly. A puffback is the term used when a heating system malfunctions and the result is that smoke and soot is spread throughout a building. The residue can affect every surface, and every surface requires cleaning. This includes hidden surfaces such as ductwork and HVAC equipment.

The result can often be significant, with damage being concealed or with a dispute over the legal causation of the damage. Can something be simply repaired, or does it require complete replacements? Is there hidden damage behind the walls which requires repairs?
Certain policies have high deductibles for windstorm claims in general while most policies have a significant catastrophic windstorm deductible for storms classified above a certain

Water damage claims are amongst the most common insurance claims. They can vary from a simply broken pipe to more complex losses involving foundation and major structural damage, or even breaks of municipal water lines outside the property itself. Insurance companies are very strict in their coverage, and the typical insurance policy does not, for example, cover the typical loss when water flood a basement through the walls.

As the weather gets colder, frozen pipes and related water damage claims become quite frequent. Given that water expands when it freezes, if the weather drops and heat becomes inadequate, a pipe can freeze and break and the results can be catastrophic. Not all frozen pipe claims are covered however, and a claim must be approached very carefully.

Property damage insurance claims are sudden and accidental occurrences, most often unavoidable and unforeseeable. Each claim involves facts specific to the loss, and it is often difficult to compare one denied insurance claim with another. However, there are some similarities in the denial of insurance claims.

If your New York home or business was damaged by windstorm, fire, flood, or theft, casualty loss, or there is business interruption caused by some unforeseen occurrence, we can help. Insurance companies want to limit the amount they pay to the insured as much as possible. In doing so, they frequently misinterpret policy provisions and hire experts that nearly always rule in their favor.

  • U.S. Underwriters Insurance Company
  • United States Liability Insurance Company
  • Chubb
  • Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company
  • AIG Private Clients Group
  • Allstate Indemnity Company
  • Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company
  • State Farm
  • Travelers Group
  • The Travelers Indemnity Company
  • New York Marine and General Insurance Company (NYMAGIC)
  • Greater New York Insurance Company
  • Valley Forge Insurance Company
  • CNA Insurance Company
  • The Heritage Insurance Company
  • American Western Home Insurance Company
  • Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company

  • Executive Insurance Company
  • Everest National Insurance Company
  • Meritplan Insurance Company
  • The Automobile Insurance Company of Hartford Connecticut
  • Castlepoint Insurance Company
  • Tower Group Insurance Company
  • The Charter Oak Fire Insurance Company
  • Hermitage Insurance Company Delos Insurance Company
  • Sirius America Insurance Company
  • Evanston Insurance Company
  • Mt. Hawley Insurance Company
  • Tri-State Consumer Insurance Company
  • Essex Insurance Company
  • Utica First Insurance Company
  • New York Central Mutual Fire Insurance Company
  • Chartis Property Casualty Company
  • AIG Advantage Insurance Company
  • 21st Century Insurance Company

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