The Law Firm of Greenblatt Agulnick has a team of insurance dispute lawyers available with real time information. We also assist clients Our office located in Great Neck Long Island, represents a range of clients in NYC and Long Island.

Our clients range from individuals with very specific first party insurance claim disputes, to large privately-owned corporations in need of sound legal guidance regarding complex commercial real estate matters, to personal injuries. Our lawyers can assist in matters in every New York County, Federal Courts, and Appeals Courts.

Greenblatt & Agulnick handles all legal transactions and litigation matters relating to commercial real estate in communities throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

Whether you are suing an insurance company to recover for a denied insurance claim, selling your home, need litigation representation, or in need of a powerful attorney for a personal injury claim, each matter and client gets the attention that they deserve and each matter is handled by an attorney whose practice is focused on that particular area of law.