After a long year and the substantive investigations coming to a close, we are pleased that we are one step closer to our clients having their day in court.  Our client’s have lost their homes, belongings, beloved pets, while enduring significant financial hardships over the past year.
We believe that the lawsuit reflects all those entities and individuals who, by way of their acts and inactions, are responsible for the explosion and the massive property damage.  While the focus of our clients’ lawsuit is property damage, financial loss and hardship, we also pause to remember the tragic loss of two innocent lives……

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A waterfront home in Babylon Village collapsed Tuesday evening, May 17, 2016, when it fell off temporary footings put in place during the elevation process intended to protect the home against flooding from future storms. We arrived on the scene, shortly after receiving the call, to access the situation. We are optimistic of achieving a positive legal outcome.

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Scott Agulnick, a lawyer hired by Espinal Caribbean and Villa de Beaute, which are temporarily closed, said they plan to sue both drivers and file a notice of claim against the city that could lead to a lawsuit.



Legal experts said it’s a complex case for the dealership to prove. Attorney Scott Agulnick of Great Neck, who specializes in suits against insurance companies but isn’t involved in the Five Towns case, said a judge could determine that the words after “or” are simply to elaborate on the meaning of “flood……..


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Scott Agulnick of Greenblatt and Agulnick attorneys, representing Alyssa Seinden – one of the adoption lawyers named in the lawsuit – told MailOnline: “I hate to say it, but it almost seems like they have Buyers Remorse.