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Some of our services

Insurance companies that deal in bad faith must be shown that the law is on the side of the policyholder. Long Island DENIED INSURANCE CLAIMS  are our specialty! Do not give up on an insurance claim before speaking with an experienced Long Island NYC Insurance  litigation lawyer.

You can bring an action against the insurance broker and if they are held liable, the broker actually will stand in the shoes of an insurance company and be required to pay you for your damage.

The law allows for claims to be made against any third-parties responsible based upon negligence and other theories of responsibility. We employ a hands on approach and develop our cases with the assistance of engineers and experts in the relevant field.

We have extensive experience handling a variety of commercial and residential real estate issues, from mortgage modifications to the sale of office space.

If you are the owner of a business, effective and cost-efficient legal representation is an invaluable asset. Our competitive advantage is providing dedicated advocacy to business owners throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

Whether you are going to court for a business, insurance, or real estate matter. We also handle personal injury and criminal cases, and any other litigation matter.