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17 Million dollar lawsuit over explosion in East Village NYC

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After a long year and the substantive investigations coming to a close, we are pleased the we are one step closer to our clients having their day in court.  Our client’s have lost their homes, belongings, beloved pets, and have endured significant financial hardships over the past year.
We believe that the lawsuit reflects all those entities and individuals who, by way of their acts and inactions, are responsible for the explosion and the massive property damage.  While the focus of our clients’ lawsuit is property damage, financial loss and hardship, we also pause to remember the tragic loss of two innocent lives.
Throughout the course of the lawsuit, we believe that additional facts will also come to light, and it is our hope that obtaining justice for our clients will also help to bring about certain changes in the system of gas inspections and investigations, which will result in a safer New York City for all its residents.
Given the complexity of the litigation, the other related lawsuits brought by individuals or their insurance carriers, along with the actions related to those tragically injured or killed, will be coordinated for the discovery process.
Along with our co-counsel Mark Friedman of Wilkofsky Friedman Karel & Cummins, we will be obtaining all information and investigative reports from the City, Con Ed, and the various insurance carriers, which we believe will confirm the results of our own investigation.

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