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What are the most common reasons why an insurance company would deny a property damage insurance claim?

Insurance companies deny property damage insurance claims for a variety of reasons. Some policies only cover certain types of losses. These are called named peril policies. For example, basic named peril policies may not cover an unnamed peril such as water damage from a broken pipe. Policies also have exclusions for covered causes which would provide the basis for a denial. However, an exclusion denial will only hold up in court if the insurance company can prove the applicability of the exclusion. Claims can also denied for failure to cooperage, misrepresentation or concealment of some material aspect of the claim or during the investigation, or late notice to the insurance company. Many times, insurance companies make mistakes and many times they suffer from profit induced tunnel vision, seeing only what they wish to see. Regardless of the basis for denial, it is important to analyze the claim in a timely manner so that your rights can be protected.


Steven represents the firm’s clients with insurance and property damage disputes, actions against insurance agents and brokers, as well as general litigation matters. Steven has litigated many cases against national insurance companies such as Allstate Indemnity Company, Travelers Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, and State Farm Insurance Company, as well as local New York insurance companies.

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