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We’re not just lawyers, we’re parents too. We love our kids they are very cute, but they are little vehicles of destruction. When you add four boys to the mix, the odds of sudden and “accidental” catastrophe is virtually guaranteed increasing the need for protection with property insurance! So when my 3-year old, with his big … Continued

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Lei v. On-Time Subsurface

During the course of the construction of a small commercial office building, subcontractor failed to properly shore vertical supports during excavation. As a result, the vertical supports shifted causing the building to partially collapse. Litigation for negligence was commenced against the contractor and subcontractor for lost rents, fines, and consequential damages. Settled following mediation for … Continued

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D. v. Allstate Insurance

  Greenblatt Agulnick, was retained following the denial of a major property damage claim submitted to Allstate. While the elderly client was away visiting family, a boiler malfunction caused water to pour out the radiators in the home uncontrolled. The water continued to escape for weeks after first onset. After the loss was discovered, Allstate … Continued

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​S ​Depot v. Tower Insurance & Contractors

Following roof located air HVAC work performed on an adjacent unit, a paper supply company sustained property damages as a result of a tarp being blown off the roof during a rainstorm. Tower Insurance denied the claim, alleging that the tarp being blown off the roof did not constitute damage, as was required by the … Continued

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Tenants v. Supermarket

After a catastrophic fire destroyed an apartment building in Brooklyn, our office represented 12 tenants who were uninsured and had lost all of their contents. After securing the return of each of their security deposits, a lawsuit was commenced against the landlord , the supermarket tenant, and the management company. Through investigation and the retention … Continued

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Eloy Martin and Lorenzo Martin Plaintiff(s) VERSUS. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Attorney for Defendant Liberty Mutual: Gerald Kirby, Esq., Feldman, Rudy, Kirby, Farquharson, P.C.The following papers numbered 1 to 3 read on this motion by Meridian Residential Capital, LLC d/b/a First Meridian Mortgage (Meridian) to dismiss the cause of action pursuant to CPLR §3211.Papers NumberedNotice of Motion—Affidavits—Exhibits 1Answering Affidavits—Exhibits 2Reply Affidavits 3Short Form Order*1Upon the foregoing … Continued

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