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Q: What is an Examination Under Oath and do I have to appear at the Examination Under Oath requested by my insurance company? A:  An Examination Under Oath (“EUO”) is a proceeding where your insurance company or its attorneys question you under oath regarding the facts and circumstances surrounding an insurance loss. Those questions are … Continued

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When discussing the concept of insurance broker negligence and failure to procure insurance in New York, the discussion usually starts with talks of visiting a doctor or lawyer. When we go to the doctor, we hop onto the table with the understanding and hope that the doctor will examine us and tell us what we … Continued

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Zigel v. US Underwriters Insurance

Insurance Company denied a claim arising from burglars entering a commercial property, breaking the walls and stealing copper piping from the walls. The burglars caused significant damage as a result of the breaking of the walls. Insurance company’s denial alleged that the destruction of the walls was the result of theft as such was not … Continued

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Hoffer v. Travelers Insurance Group

Insurance company denied an insurance claim for catastrophic fire damage to a rental property. Insurance company alleged that the owner of the building caused the fire, relying upon expert reports indicating the presence of gasoline poured in two locations throughout the building. A lawsuit was commenced against Travelers in Federal Court. Discovery was completed and … Continued

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